First Presbyterian Church of Perth Amboy

45 Market Street, Perth Amboy, New Jersey
“On the Corner of Market and High Streets in Perth Amboy”


The website of the First Presbyterian Church is undergoing a major renovation.

And yet we say welcome!  The number of people who do not know we have a website is astounding, although we are here.  The Lord has blessed us to be at the same location for the last two hundred and eighteen years.  The website joined the family two hundred and seventeen years into our tenure.


The most difficult changes for the church have occurred during the Covid Pandemic.  For months, we closed our doors, although they have reopened again-with precautions.  However, we only lost one week of worshipping the Lord before going online with our services.


Our primary social media presence is on Facebook where you are invited to search for the page "First Presbyterian Church of Perth Amboy".  Links are added each week to the YouTube recording of the Service. 


In addition, there is a link to the service on our blog,  Transcripts of the sermon and the order of worship are also posted on the blog. 


If you would prefer, the Order of Worship and Sermon transcript can be emailed to you with a link to the YouTube service.  Please send a request to to be added to that list.


Worship is led by our pastor, Rev. Peter Hofstra, who came to us in 2001.  With the Covid crisis still underway, much of our fellowship and educational programming is still in recess until we are able to open again safely. 


As was said at the top of our welcome, this website is undergoing a tremendous 'do over'.  Please return for more and new information on this neighborhood in the Kingdom of God.


Peace from the First Presbyterian Church of Perth Amboy



Updated October 29, 2020

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